Axis provides Owners the experience and skills of hotel/resort professionals with strong, reliable connections in management & marketing, engineering, specialty consulting, finance, construction, procurement and operations areas. The end result is the ongoing improvement of the asset’s value.


Complete supervision & strategic oversight of a hotel or resort’s management, their performance and effectiveness.

  • Monitor standards of performance by management company,
  • Review capital requirements & monitor expenditures,
  • Ensure the quality of building maintenance,
  • Optimize the real estate investment,
  • Review operating and capital budgets,
  • Review hospitality operations and sales, marketing & accounting and human resources,
  • Ensure management company achieves their targets.

Strong management and control of all operating and capital budgets. Clear focus on variable cost management.

  • Monitor operating budgets.
  • Monitor capital budgets & expenditures.
  • Review operating reports & create positive change.
  • Review cash-flow forecasts & compensate for shortfalls.

Ensuring that the property is correctly positioned and promoted to maximize the investment and the returns through the correct selection of the most appropriate activities and actions.

  • Competitive review and analysis.
  • Review of market segment performance.
  • Review of rate strategies and results

Full project development services for all capital and special projects

  • Civil engineering, Fire & Life Safety systems
  • Oversee issuing of architectural & engineering drawings and coordination to a stage of complete tender ready and permit ready drawings.
  • Development & review of project and financial milestones.
  • Work with the city, fire department to get certificates of Occupancy and other licenses.
  • Oversee the logistics & deliveries and placement of the FF&E for the guestrooms and public space.
  • Coordinate the development & execution of the Sales & Marketing Plan.
  • Review of Human Resource Management methods, turnover, training plans & service delivery.
  • Review of the Management Team.
  • Review of the Training Plan of the associates.
  • Monitor salary levels and proposed increases.
  • Review of benefits packages.