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How We Work


The project planning stage and conceptualization includes all the elements that lead to financing. The transformation of the raw land to an investment-ready plan typically takes between four to six months. We gather an experienced development team, develop the architectural space program and proceed with brand options, analysis and selection. We create a development financial model and oversee studies of feasibility and valuations.

Once financed, the project completion will typically take between 24-30 months depending on size and location. During the execution and by completion, the real-estate is typically sold out.

Working alongside the existing teams, AXIS will assist the developer to determine the precise needs, phases and priorities. The strength of the team chosen is critical to the credibility of the project and successful financing.

Not a penny more than is necessary should be spent that does not lead to financing.

Key team members include the Developer, Concept Architect, one or more Resort Brand & Operator, Project Management, Real-Estate specialists, Landscape & Interior Design, Kitchen & Laundry Design and the Financial Architect.

The start dates of the team should reflect the precise status of the project and the availability of the financing. Serious detailed work on the full project should be commensurate with what is precisely needed to obtain the financing.

Once the financing is complete, the contracts can be finalized and the teams fully engaged.

Initial review of the Master Plan or assistance in development of new plans including  conceptual plans and all existing detailed plans to determine compliance with the brand and market positioning.

The initial choice of the Architectural design group, Interior Design and other technical areas will or should involve approval of the brand/operator.

Careful attention to the strategic location of amenities, public and support services access, sports facilities, service areas, employee accommodation involve careful considerations.

Space planning of every square foot/metre of the resort accommodation, public spaces, amenities, real estate products that are market relevant, service areas, laundry, kitchens, food service style and capacity.

The detailed creation of the Development Model will eventually require input from all team members.

The Development Model includes all the development costs and expenses anticipated for the development and the operation to include real estate sales and expenses, construction and fit-out costs, operating revenues, details of management and staffing and all aspects of the development stage and multi-year projections.

Details of the capital stack equity & debt, use of funds, space requirements, staffing models, development phasing and all aspects of the operation.

A Development Model prepared well will form the solid, credible basis for the Financing.

Market positioning and competitive analysis will guide the Developer toward the brand options best suited to the location and product. The selection, analysis and choice of the best brand/operator is a strategic choice taking all relevant needs of the project into consideration.

Expressions of Interest and/or Letter of Intent will be sought from 1-3 potential groups if possible and a recommendation made as to best choice. The final choice is made by the developer.

The time lapse between first contact and the execution of a binding management and licensing agreement will rely on multiple factors but is unlikely to be much less than six months. A Technical Services Agreement that precedes the Management Agreement provides the technical assistance from the hotel group during the design and planning period.

Since all major brands have specific requirements for the properties they label, it can be costly to a developer who advances the design/construction without the participation of the brand/operator.

Once the scope of the project has been determined, a Feasibility Study will be conducted by a recognized independent consultant with valuations As-Is and As-Completed. Oversight of the Study will be provided by AXIS' team to ensure all aspects reflect the reality of the plan.

Financial institutions do not recognize studies completed by no-name consultants regardless of their career path.

Studies typically encompass Feasibility and Valuations (As-Is and As-Completed)

In conjunction with the client, a Financing Plan will be prepared to solicit sufficient funds to complete the project. This will be executed by the client's choice of Investment Bank or Investment Broker working with the Client.

The basis of the Plan is a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) prepared by AXIS and the team during the Planning Phase

The strength and experience of the Developers and the Team in projects of this type is critical to the success of the financing.

Lenders lend to people not Projects.

Hence it is critical to the success of the project that the team is experienced because they will be the fuel for financing.

The Capital Stack will identify both Equity and Debt requirements including funds already spent. Use of Funds will be detailed both for the Planning and the Execution.

It is critical that the skills of a competent 'Financial Architect' are employed by the Developer to effectively protect the interests of the Developer by protecting equity, minimising debt and structuring the transaction in the client's best interest.


On completion of the Planning Phase and production of the Confidential Information Memorandum, the project should be ready to finance.

Within 90-120 days, we typically will facilitate the financing of the resort through an investment bank or broker under an exclusivity agreement. Our dedicated developers can assist with the following:

We will verify and examine the financial records and critical data prepared during the planning phase. By doing this, we are able to assess the risks within the project.

The relevant documentation to the financing is assembled into a CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) covering all aspects of the development and the planning. This comprehensive book will form the basis for the analysis by the investors/lenders.


An investment Teaser will be prepared from the CIM to introduce the project to prospective buyers and lenders. AXIS' team will help in creating this detailed document while maintaining the confidentiality of the potential investment and other project details.

The Teaser will be circulated to potential lenders by the Financial Architect to determine interest. Those interested will sign a Confidentiality Agreement and obtain a copy of the Confidential Information Memorandum and full access to the details of the project in a virtual electronic safe.

To improve the chances of getting the appropriate financing, the Banker or Broker will identify the best potential sources of  seek LOIs.

Expressions of Interest are typically obtained from several sources who are then given access to the Vault where more detailed information has been assembled by AXIS and the Developer's team. Details will typically include,

  1. Land Docs. Ownership, Zoning, Permits, Studies
  2. Development Co & Developer Bios/NetWorth
  3. Internal & External Team Bios & track record.
  4. Project Masterplan/Design
  5. Development Model
  6. Brand/Operator LOIs
  7. Financing Plan

Bridge and construction loans are sometimes secured against land value to complete Planning Costs.

Equity investments are sought if appropriate, and government grants are sometimes available for resort projects.

From the Teasers and analysis of the CIM, interested lenders will present Term Sheets with Conditions. The Broker/Banker presents those of the best terms and conditions for consideration by the client. 

The developer will choose the best offer with the assistance of the investment bank that may further negotiate the terms or conditions.

The final choice will be made by the Developer with the advice of the Financial advisor.

During this phase, the developer and financial advisor will negotiate the final terms of the financing with the chosen lender or investor. This is a crucial part before proceeding with the closing.

Once all the legal aspects and terms have been finalized, the transaction will proceed to closing. All aspects of the transaction will be legally documented and recorded to maintain compliance and avoid rupture between the parties.

Since the Project is not a project until financing has been obtained, it is important to ensure that nothing more has been spent that was not essential to obtaining this financing.


We are proud to be associated with the following complementary companies with whom we work and collaborate depending on the scale and need of the project.


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