Review of the existing teams (internal and external) to determine needs, experience in similar projects. The strength of the team chosen is critical to the credibility of the project and the success of financing. Key team members include Concept Architect, Brand, Project Management Company, Real-Estate Agency, Landscape & Interior Design, Kitchen & Laundry Design, Investment Broker.

Review of the current plans or assistance in development of new plans including master plan, conceptual plans and all existing plans to determine compliance with the market positioning. The choice of the architectural design and other technical areas will of should involve approval of the brand/operator

The assembly of the Development Model requires input from all team members that includes all development costs and expenses anticipated, revenues from real estate sales, operations, staffing and all aspects of the development stage and five-year projections. Details of equity spent, debt required, staffing models, development phasing and all aspects of the operation.

The choice of the best brand/operator is a strategic choice taking all relevant needs of the project into consideration. Expressions of Interest and/or Letter of Intent will be sought from 1-3 potential groups if possible and a recommendation made as to best choice.

A Study will be conducted by a recognized independent consultant with valuations As-Is and As-Completed. Oversight of the Study will be provided by AXIS' team.

In conjunction with the client, a Financing Plan will be prepared to provided sufficient funds to complete the project. This will be completed by the client's choice of Investment Bank or Investment Broker working with the documentation prepared during the Planning period

We will verify and examine the financial records and critical data prepared during the planning phase. By doing this, we are able to assess the risks within the project.

An investment teaser will introduce the project to prospective buyers and lenders. Our team will help in creating this detailed document while maintaining the confidentiality of the potential investment and other project details.

To improve the chances of getting the appropriate financing, we will identify the best potential sources of capital and seek alternatives. Bridge and construction loans secured against land value, equity investments, and grants are just some sources of funding for the resort project.

Let us prepare all the supporting paperwork containing the terms and conditions of the deal. Term sheets include the significant aspects of the development. We will present and discuss the list of offers. After this, you will choose the best offer with the help of the investment bank.

During this phase, the developer and financial advisor will negotiate and discuss the final terms of the financing with the chosen lender or investor. This is a crucial part before proceeding with the closing.

Once all the legal aspects and terms have been discussed, the transaction will proceed to closing. Everything will be legally documented and recorded in writing to maintain compliance and avoid rupture between the parties.