Capital sources – Outside the box

While spreads are increasing and loan levels are decreasing in the current economic environment, market circumstances do not change the fact that there are hundreds of billions of dollars in play in hotel and resort development, necessitating significant amounts of capital to be raised by owners and lenders alike. Given this fact, demand for credible and reliable capital sources is at an all time high.

Our firm has access to equity and debt capital all over the globe that is eager to invest in hotel and resort development in today’s volatile global economic theater.

If you are looking for competitive interest rates on substantial amounts of senior debt from reputable balance sheet lenders, we can help. Additionally, from both traditional and non-traditional North American and offshore equity sources, we can move quickly to facilitate transactions through preferred, common and creative equity structures.

People do business with people, not faceless corporations, and we have built the necessary relationships to facilitate reliable, out-of-the-box financing in the burgeoning hotel and resort development arena.

If you are looking to finance a qualified project from $10 million to $300 million and up, we can assist you to successfully navigate those waters. For more details visit our financing page here, or contact us.