The luxury of incorporating the experience, imagination and creativity of world-class developers who are focused on financing and delivering a profitable, sustainable world-class product.

Axis Hospitality and its Senior Advisors and Associates provide Co-Development Services to landowners and developers requiring the experience and skills of a team with strong resort development experience, including master-planning, amenity design, development modelling, financing, construction and all operations areas.

PLANNING. Complete development & delivery of a hotel or resort property from the raw land to the opening,

  1. Resort Development Planning.The rapid and tested 4- 6 month process of bringing raw-land to an investment-ready-plan for an operating, branded, world-class resort.
  2. Development Company.The establishment of an organizational team with the experience & credibility necessary to deliver the property.
  3. Architectural Programming. The calculation of space required for accommodations, facilities, back-of-house service areas and their costs.
  4. Brand Analysis & selection. Market positioning, selection of a range of brands/operators, analysis of needs, shortlisting to selection & contract negotiations.
  5. Development Financial Model. The integrated, synchronized assembly of space, development costs, financial performance, returns & phasing.
  6. Feasibility & Valuations. The Study by an independent, recognised Consultant company incorporating financial feasibility & valuations.

FINANCING.  The 3-4 month competitive process of sourcing the financing through an associated investment bank under an exclusivity agreement.

  1. Due Diligence. The verification of the critical data prepared in the planning phase. 
  2. CIM Refinement & Teaser. A clear brief Summary of the project components for confidential distribution to potential lenders for expressions of interest, followed by confidentiality agreements and access to the project details.
  3. Identification of potential sources. Identification of the best potential sources of the capital.
  4. Term Sheets/Offers. The collection and analysis of the term sheets for presentation to the Developer
  5. Selection of best Term Sheet. Developer, with professional assistance from the investment bank, will make their choice of the best Offer.
  6. Final negotiations. Developer and financial advisor will negotiate the final terms of the financing with the chosen lender/investor.
  7. Legals & Closure. The transaction will proceed through the legal documentation to closure of the transaction

EXECUTION. The +/-24 month period of construction coinciding with the sale of real-estate through associated international agencies.

  1. Mobilise Team. Finalise the team, coordinate schedules.
  2. Finalise Designs. Architectural & Interior Design, Kitchen & Laundry planning, Coordinate schedules
  3. Finalise Budgets, schedules & Business Plan. Cost consulting and value engineering
  4. Construct. Determine construction formula.
  5. Finish & Fit-Out. Quality control, logistics, storage & security.
  6. Pre-Opening. Orientation & Training, Marketing & communications. 
  7. Opening. Launch operations